Culebra Snorkeling Description

A Guide for Snorkeling Culebra, Puerto Rico’s Beaches and Reefs  the Spanish Virgin Islands a Gateway to the Caribbean’s Best

snorkeler head

If you are new to the snorkeling / scuba diving experience or need advice on the Culebra Snorkeling scene this is the place,   here yo have  years of experience with those who have  logged thousands of hours breathing on top and underwater. Culebra offers a comfortable and relaxed learning environment.  For those of you that are already comfortable in the water, we offer a continuing education about the Caribbean waters like no other.  So you can become comfortable snorkeling or diving any time of day or distance from the shoreline that all your friends are always talking about (did you know there are over 20 Cayos (keys) around Culebra, Puerto Rico alone).


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