6 Ways to Care for an Underwater Camera Housing

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Maintenance for your housing starts before you go diving. Here are six tips from the experts at ScubaLab.

1. MAINTENANCE for your housing starts before you go diving. At the start of a trip, remove the sealing O-ring from its groove, and apply a small amount of the supplied O-ring grease.

2. IT’S IMPORTANT TO CHECK the O-ring for any debris that might interfere with creating
 a seal. Do this while applying a light coating of grease to the O-ring, and every time you open and close your housing.

3. KEEP YOUR HOUSING OUT of the sun to prevent camera fogging. The best sunscreen is a damp towel — if you’re out in the hot sun, just place the towel over your housing. Always keep a couple of desiccants in the housing to help prevent it from fogging.

4. NEVER LEAVE your housing unattended 
in the camera-only rinse bucket, 

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